Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll arrange an appointment to suit you ASAP. When I visit I’ll go through your requirements and prepare a fixed quote for you. The quote will a include a  breakdown of the work involved, job duration and the fixed price. The price will be a total price including materials and labour. I don’t charge VAT.

I use waterproof tarpaulins, taped at the sides. Mixing is carried out on top of coverings too.

Yes. I have a file in the van that contains references, thank you letters etc that I’m happy to show you.

Please call me ASAP so that I can adjust the quote and any extra/less time that it’ll take to carry out the work.

The clearer the better. It really helps to have a clear run at things as the plastering process involves going over the same area several times, rather than do a bit, move the furniture and do another bit. Of course it’s not always possible to hoof a 3 piece suite for instance into a small room already full, so I’m flexible and happy to help lift and move things about if required.

Finish plaster, the pink stuff, takes anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks to dry. If it’s warm and the original wall is porous, such as in a Victorian house on old lime plaster, then it can be dry the next day. If an outhouse with no central heating onto newly plastered thick backing coat during a cold winter it could be weeks. On average, say onto an artex ceiling, 19C, then you’re looking 4-5 days.

Skim finish plaster will dry darkish brown, then dry out in light pink patches. When all the patches have gone and all of the plaster is light pink and dry to the touch, then it’s ready.

Yes. This is important. The new plaster is very porous and if not primed, then the paint will sit on top of the plaster and could peel. I recommend a 50/50 mist coat of water and emulsion as a first coat, followed by subsequent coats of paint, neat, straight from the tin.

No. A natural drying process is important. If it dries too quickly the plaster will weaken and could possibly craze. De-humidifiers are a big no-no.

Yes, I’m a one-man-band. It’s just me and I never sub-contract out.