A Bit About Me

I'm Steve and I'm the owner of Plasterworx.

I can offer the following commitment:

I will turn up when I say I will. We've all been let down. It's annoying, I don't operate that way. 
I'll keep you informed during the quoting process and for the duration of the job on how it's all going. I offer advice on what can and can't be done, the best materials to use and the best approach to each individual job. 

I'll give you a fixed price, not an estimate. The price I give is the price you'll pay. 
I'm very thorough in protecting the workplace, some might think overly so at times, but I find that if you don't keep on top of the mess in this game, things can get quite untidy, I always say one slopdge can go a long way. I'm working in customers houses all the time and I'm sympathetic to the fact that you're living there whilst I'm working and will always try to make things as comfortable as possible.

I've been running Plasterworx since 2002, I've lots of experience and genuinely take a pride in my work. If I didn't get something out of it too, I wouldn't do it. I'm particular and detailed in my approach. No shortcuts.

Most things are done electronically these days, but I've had many letters and cards over the years thanking me for carrying out a good service. I keep some of them in the van and am always happy to show them to you as way of reference to past work.

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